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Holy land ministries - india

managed by E. Yelchuri

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Dear Friends
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this letter find you both excellent spirit and divine health.
As you know, India does not have the social services, medical and Food, care or help. There are many of widows, lepers and handicapped people and street orphans are living, they are really in need of Food, clothes, education and medical help certainly they are in need of love from some one.
Holy Land Ministries is a Registered Charity under Indian Government Act 35 of 2001 Charity No- 295 of 2005.
As I am a President and Founder for this Ministry, I want to take upon myself the care of 35 orphan children and for Disabled Children Home and lepers, others with families who are too poor to be able to attend school or even enjoy regular meals.
Every orphan child has a heart breaking history. We find them in miserable conditions, having lost their parents in cyclones, floods, fire, accidents etc. Then they slowly become accustomed to our love and care.
Unfortunately our resources are very limited and so we are not able to feed them regularly even two times a day. For lack of funds we are not able to give them sufficient food. At such times they get up from their plates with half-filled bellies. We not only have to feed them, but also provide them with shelter, clothes. But it is very difficult for us to look after all these needs in these days of famine and soaring costs.
Please uphold our Ministry in your regular prayers. However, we do take to the streets with food and utensils so these people won't die of starvation. It costs very little to feed many people.
Our ministry consists of hunger, orphan children, Street children, lepers, Disabled Children. Please stretch out your hand of compassion to fill their bellies and wipe the tears from their cheeks. I await your reply with hope and faith.


Door no-3-20-4/.Road No-7, Ram Mohan Raja Nagar

E. Yelchuri

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