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About us

It is a universal truth that every adult is shaped by their upbringing. Their values and beliefs, their fears and worries, their traits and habits, their idiosyncrasies. How you grow up makes up grown-up you. Some people have rough childhoods that make them into rougher adults, some have seemingly idyllic childhoods and may grow up to be healthy adults. Some rough childhoods make strong adults, and others are so rough they break the child up until there’s nothing left of the adult.
Livhu, our founder and CEO, is one of those that had it rough and made it. She struggled as a child trying to make it in a world that had forgotten she existed and needed help, and she fought and scratched until she had a chance. Then she woke up to the truth that her calling is to give a chance to those that the world has forgotten about.


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South Africa

Karabo Matloga

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