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Gold Bridge center and School

managed by Joshua Ramsey

About us

Gold Bridge center and school is a community based school that seeks to help kids in the slums gain access to better and quality education. We also try to support the families of the kids in our program by providing basic needs eg food and clothing.
We believe by providing a good environment for the kids, they can achieve their dreams. To do this, we have a home, a secure place where kids can stay peacefully from all the noises and other social visies in the slums.Here we provide them with nice food to eat, nice sleeping place, and a specious place to study. We strong believe that this is the right way to life a slum kid.
In trying to solve the education problem in the slum, we managed to put up a pre school ,Gold Bridge school.We try to offer good education for the kids here before they are integrated into our associate schools.



Joshua Ramsey

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