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Hope for Mityana street children and orphans

managed by Kizza Lawrence

About us

HOPE FOR MITYANA STREET CHILDREN AND ORPHANS is a non-government organization dedicated to providing shelter and care to street children and orphans in Mityana Uganda.

Since 2016, we have been helping communities in rural areas, especially families infected with HIV/AIDS in the Mityana district Uganda. We provide shelter, food, clean water, education and care to local orphans and street children. We also work to lighten the financial burden of vulnerable parents and students in paying school fees and utility bills, and of families struggling with HIV. We believe that every child deserves hope, health and happiness, and that every human being deserves dignity.

Before the pandemic, we were home to 115 orphaned and abandoned children. After the outbreak, the number of children seeking help doubled. Many families have reached out to us, as well, asking for food and resources. We now find ourselves supporting 239 children who have been orphaned or endangered


Busimbi kasimbi

Kizza Lawrence

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