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Selbstbestimmt Autistisch 2019 e.V.

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About us

As a mother of multiple autistic sons, i, alongside other parents and adults diagnosed with autism, including some specialists, founded the association: Selbstbestimmt Autistisch e. V. in 2019.

Naturally, multiple people of our team are autists themself. Our association is reaching out to any and all people on the entire autism spectrum.

A competence center is something that has been desired for many years.
Since the grievances of care, or lack thereof, is a regular topic for anyone concerned.

To say nothing of facilities entirely focused on autism in terms of living, work, medicin or private life.
Unfortunately the autism spectrum is often refered to as something negative and, or agggresive, and a huge cause of hassle.

We consider the prejudices regarding autism, and the lack of communication with autists, as one of the biggest problems.

Our work is entirely voluntary service, therefore we are dependant on donations to realize our various projects. Any contribution, no matter how

Latest project news

Wir freuen uns !

  Selbstbestimmt Autistisch2019e.V.  19 December 2022 at 08:34 AM

Der erste Bedarf ist gesichert und wir freuen uns sehr. Dieses Projekt bedeutet uns viel, denn autistische Kinder haben ein klein wenig andere Bedarfe. Geht man darauf, kann so viel gelingen. Wir versuchen auf ihre individuellen Bedarfe einzugehen, alles mögliche zu machen, um Inklusion zu leben.  

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Selbstbestimmt Autistisch2019e.V.

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