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Between 500 and 1500 women and children are trafficked within Malawi annually. A number of studies published, conclusively show the existence of trafficking in Malawi. In 1999, a business woman was tried for trafficking 4 young women to the Netherlands. In 2005, 2 Zambian nationals were tried for trafficking young children from Dedza to Zambia to work on Tobacco Estates. Papers also reported the rescue of 3 girls kidnapped in Blantyre by an unidentified gentleman who kept them confined for over 3 days.

Our vision will be to create a place of safety for women & children rescued out of Human Trafficking & Prostitution.
The Mission is to build & establish a place of safety for women & children caught up in any form of exploitation.
We envision assisting these people; by providing them with their basic needs while they receive counselling, rehabilitation & education. In this time we will be focussing on the victims as a whole & will be assisting them with all the relevant medical assistance, counselling & rehabilitation needed. Once ready to reinter into society we will help these victims get skills training that will help them in finding employment or we will assist them in the setting up of their own small business. For children rescued, we envision a program where they receive the relevant counselling & rehabilitation needed for them to be able to function & live as normal children back in society. We will endeavour to place these children back with their families, counselling & rehabilitation will include the family members of the children, if at all possible.

After completion of this program we aim to offer follow up programs, further counselling, training & support where needed for the victims. Through this organisation we will strive to train up counsellors & care takers for these victims & we aim to keep this in line with Malawi & its culture.


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M. Johnson

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