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Amatsiko means hope. And that is what we want to give to the children in Uganda. Hope for their future, for their health, for a good education, for loving care and much more. Through targeted help and support, we want to improve the living situation of individuals. Our goal is to support needy children in Uganda and lead them into a safe, healthy future. To this end, we finance local schools as well as measures that are necessary for accommodation, livelihood and care during the sponsorship. With "help for self-help", we support projects that have the potential to give people a chance and offer them opportunities to improve their living situation themselves. Our focus is on projects in the areas of children's homes, education, hygiene, water supply and nutrition. We especially want to support the generations of tomorrow and break the cycle of poverty for you.

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Wir haben 546,54 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Micha Koch  14 July 2021 at 03:55 PM

Dank der Spenden von euch für die Unterstützung der Nebenkosten kann die Miete für das Kinderhaus bis August bezahlt werden. Danke an alle Spender. Bitte unterstützt das Kinderhaus weiter. Gerade jetzt in der Pandemie ist vieles teuer geworden und das Kinderhaus kämpft mit jeden Cent.

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