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Link Child Foundation

managed by Dominik Rappe

About us

Our Mission: "Touch lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged on a sustainable basis"
Our goal is to improve living conditions for the most vulnerable people in Ugandan slum areas, through business, saving groups, vocational training and nursery and primary school.

What we do:
- Primary school with over 200 students many of whom are from slum areas
- Wide range of social services for children and their parents in the local communities
- We own a part of land to be used for sustainable farming as an important learning platform
- Saving Groups to provide simple savings and loan facilities for those who have no access to financial services
- Nursery School as a day center for young children, so parents can focus on work to better support their family
- Vocational Training offered to mainly young mothers in need of an alternative to the public school

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Plot 29 Busamaga Drive

Dominik Rappe

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