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Care Bridge Foundation (CBF) Gh

managed by Ibrahim Mumuni

About us

*Care Bridge Foundation (CBF)*

_Empowering Orphans for a brighter future_

Founded in June 2020, *Care Bridge Foundation (CBF)*, is a non-profit organization committed to providing hope, health, security and a sense of belonging to orphans around the country. Our work has so far taken us to Home of Taqwa orphanage and school were we had Eid with the orphans.

CBF works directly with members and nonmembers to help solicit for funds to carry out it's projects in helping empowering orphans to have a brighter future. CBF's goal is to assist in and develop long-term, self-sustaining programs that will have a positive and lasting impact on orphans nationwide.

We also look forward to support the initiatives of other charities through funding and collaborative projects whilst also partnering with sponsors to help carry out our initiatives.

Orphans deserves every support, love and care they can get from us. And we at CBF are creating a system that will help them feel needed in society.


Accra New Town Road

Ibrahim Mumuni

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