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Chile Humanitario

managed by P. Larrea

About us

The 8.8 richter earthquake happened the past february 27th in south-central Chile let homeless a huge number of families. The Aguita de la perdiz neighborhood located in Concepcion, Biobio region, was one of the affected by this catastrophe. We are a group of citizens willing to help remedy this situation.
Our solidary action is focused on build houses for families of this neighborhood who have lost everything.
At the same time, our gold is to let behind the concept of “emergency houses”, by building low-energy, sustainable and anti-seismic houses, and according to the needs of the families.
Funding for this action depends only on citizen contribution, is not subsidized by any government agency.
So far we have been able to deliver the first house to Solar Jara family, and we are in the process of building two more. There are many families waiting, and there is much more to do.


Santa Juana

P. Larrea

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