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Zorat is located in Northern Ethiopia, in the province of Tigrai and near the historic town of Axum. Zorat serves 1700 students that are from grade one to eight. The student body represents 95% of all school age children in the surrounding area.

As of May 2008, nearly 25% of students did not have chairs or desks. Thanks to the continued support of our donors and contributors, the mojority of those students now have chairs and desks. However, there are still several orphaned children who require support in on-going basis with school supplies, uniforms and books.

Students in Zorat Elementary school come from primarily farming parents. Often times, children have to get back to work and support their families in their respective farms. Most of their school work has to be completed before they go home. Frequently, students who take home any school work do not have the time or the light needed to finish their work in the evenings.


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