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Do Good

managed by Hanspeter Tomschi

About us

There is no good unless you do it!

Young women form disadvantaged families in Africa are amongst those who have to struggle most to survive.
I lived and worked in several southern African countries on and off since 1984 and know the local situation and circumstances of the beneficiaries first hand.

Often not only is there working power expoited, but also there social status and there gender.

In the past I supported young underprivelidged women in
1. South Afrika, a young refugee from Zimbabwe, right now jobless due to corona
2. Botswana, a single, jobless mother and
3. Kenya, a young woman with a verygood BSc, setting up a business to support the community and her family.
My support always aimed at providing education, health advice and support in special situatiions of emergency, like serious sickness, or, right now no income do to the Corona crisis.
The aim of this organisation is to support three women, all from a socially disadvantaged background, refugies, or orphans.


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Hanspeter Tomschi

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