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Luz the Light Learning School Foundation, Inc.

managed by M. Filamor

About us

Our school may be the first private elementary school in the town but we badly need funds because funds have only come from one individual source. We have not bought a significant amount of educational books, science lab equipments and most critically, cannot afford teacher training course in English, Science and Math competencies.

Our students and teachers come from low income families but desire to partake of the best aspirations our school offers which is to fully develop the childrens minds and shape their character. As such, we have adopted the 6 Pillars of Character program and integrated the Multiple Intelligences Recognition into our curriculum.

Unfortunately, the school population has dwindled in size due to the difficult economic times in our country that is why we cannot buy the necessary books and materials we need and cannot raise the teachers' salaries to a respectable level.


Rizal cor Burgos Streets

M. Filamor

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