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Nambiya Development Organisation Trust MA6/2008

managed by Vincent N.

About us

Nambiya Development Organisation Trust is a registered organisation advocating for the promotion of Nambya, a marginalised indigenous language that is threatened by extinction.
For a long time since the independence of Zimbabwe the Nambya people have been marginalised and their concerns not listened to. The schools are not teaching the language and there is reluctance of other stakeholders to promote this indigenous language which has led to the lagging behind of the Nambya people in both education and employment opportunities.
Because of the Hwange district’s heterogeneous nature, chiNambya language and culture faces the threat of extinction.

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  Vincent N.  15 August 2011 at 12:39 PM
Through this site, I have managed to make someone's life better.Soon this person will be meeting me before end of 2011. Its a great site which aims for better lives
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Empumalanga Township

Vincent N.

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