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Elevating Education Everywhere in Sierra Leone

managed by Joseph Williams

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Country Summary. Description
Country. Sierra Leone
Location. West Africa
Surface Area. Area 71.740 (29.925 sq.mi)
Population. 7.557 million
Diversity. Temne 30% Mende 30%, balance spread over 15 % other tribal groups
Languages: English, Krio, Temne, Mende, and other indigenous languages.
Nature of Economy. Mainly Agriculture
Human development indices. 184/189
Life Expectancy. 51.84 years
Adults Literacy. 48.4%
Maternal Mortality. 1.165 per 100,000 live birth
Infant Mortality. 68.4 per 1000 live births
Under Five Mortality. 105.1 per 1000 live births
Work Force. Agriculture 67%
Industry. 15%
Services 18%


10 Pius Street ,Samamie Section Bo ,southern Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone

Joseph Williams

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