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About us

Libélula is a brazilian non profit organization (NGO) of public interest located in Itacaré, Bahia along the Cocoa Coast. Recognizing the need for gender specific human development in the region, Libélula's work focuses on empowering female adolescents and young women from 11 to 17 years from a disfavored quarter (favela) of the city.


Based from a cultural center located in central Itacaré, Libélula offers psychological and social assistance for female adolescents through participative methodology. We place a great emphasis on stimulating the girls creativity in various cultural and artistic areas such as literature, theatre, dance, handy-craft, sewing, culinary, multimedia training and small income generation workshops. Additionally, we promote sustainable socio-educational activities for preparation of the future labor-market (computer literacy courses, English classes, civic rights, cultural diversity).

Libélula also offers the young women information and orientation through regular meetings, workshops and seminaries regarding all questions and problems specific to that age. Some common examples include abstinence, contraceptives, pregnancy, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases and so on.

We work on information, education and human development with specific focus on gender questions of young women in a region of high social vulnerability of town. Libélula is sponsored by the NGO Human network of Brasil based in Ilheus, Bahia. Finally, our NGO is officially recognized by the Brazilian Government through the Ministry of Culture of Bahia.

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Donations that cannot be used for the project

  (Deleted User)  25 July 2016 at 02:43 PM

Dear donors,
when managers of a project haven't requested a payout over the course of a longer period, the German law and our terms of use provide that we ( gemeinnützige AG, operator of use the money for our tax-deductible purposes. The same applies to the cancellation of a project, where the manager of the project is unable to realize it.

Therefore we will use these donations for the following purposes:

Thanks for your support,

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