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Chemchemi Ya Ukweli

managed by Oringo Amwomo

About us

Chemchemi Ya Ukweli (Kiswahili for “wellspring of truth”)is an interfaith organization established in 1997 as a response to the growing culture of violence in Kenya. CYU was foundedwith the aim to introduce “active non-violence” as a means of political discourse for social transformation in Kenya. Change and reform initiatives desired a paradigm shift from conventional activism which involved confrontations and demonstrations to practice of active nonviolent approaches. Over time, Chemchemi Ya Ukweli has impacted on citizens with broad awareness on various forms of injustices in Kenya. ChemchemiYaUkweli has managed to mobilize citizens to demand their rights through peaceful actions. This goal continues to shape the pursuit for social justice and equity in Kenya today.
Organizational Values
CYUs behavior is engrained in the following values; Nonviolence, Integrity, Professionalism, Inclusiveness, Social Justice and Spirituality


Bumbani Road

Oringo Amwomo

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