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We intend to produce a pan-African television series of high quality that will explore the depths of African culture as a basis for deep-rooted development. It will be a contribution to the reflection on poverty reduction in Africa in the face of the challenges of on-going globalization and a reconstruction of permanent values of the African memory that could serve as a base for the elaboration of an ideal progress in harmony with rooted African aspirations. When completed, this television series will be included in the programs of URTNA (Union des Radios et Televisions National d’Afrique) who will broadcast to millions of viewers, mainly - but not exclusively - in Africa. We do not yet have a partner for the rest of the world. To illustrate the concept of the AfricAura television series, we have created, with the help of ten artists, a collection of fifty two original paintings based on the episode titles. These paintings are in three groupings: The course of life and the elements in which the happiness of Africans is grounded / A perception of aesthetics from the inside ~ the originality and the logic of the African approach / A new approach to African wisdom that provides the necessary mold for the future. These paintings have been exhibited in Cameroon and the United States. We hope that this will attract a producer, cultural or technical partner, or someone who may contribute to the realization of this television series. We have had support from the World Bank, Alliance Franco Camerounaise de l'Adamaoua-Ngaoundéré, Yokosso Africa International, the Red Cross, and many other NGO's, private individuals, and companies. AfricAura is admitted as full member of the UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity.


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