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YouthHope Sports Project

managed by Meshack

About us

YouthHope Sports Project is a Community Based Organisation working with Children and Youth living in the informal settlements in the disadvantaged Urban Communities in Mombasa Kenya through sports.
At YouthHope, as much as we provide children and young people with opportunities to acquire basic sport skills, to practice sport, to participate in training and competition and to improve performance, we also emphasise academic excellence. We do that on basis of their wishes, skills, abilities and needs.
YouthHope therefore seeks to address the underlying causes of unhealthy growth of children due to, Child Labour, Child Molestation, Early Marriage, Drug and Cigarette Abuse, Educational Disadvantage, Homelessness, Gender Discrimination and Scial Exclusion experienced by children and young people.


Off Jomokenyatta Ave, Makande Rd, Makande Primary School Ground