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Beacon of Hope Uganda

managed by M. Williams

About us

With so many programs in the works or in operation, it is important to keep focused on the most pressing issues. It is now quickly apparent to us that this is the Volunteers base and Office Headquarters House. With the help of a former volunteer from the Australia, we have bought an old house in Mbalala. Due to funding issues the house has not been completed and is not furnished at all and it’s now not suitable at all for occupancy. At present, it is used by some disadvantaged members from the community. I suggested that we show a victory by completing this house with well furnished rooms, inbuilt washrooms and kitchen areas. At roughly $6300, the cost of furnishing this house from start to finish. The plan is to furnish one by one room until the battle is declared over, after the completion of each room; it will be automatically by potential volunteers.


Kampala- Jinja Road, Mbalala Near the Post Office

M. Williams

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