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Fundación Movimiento Intraterrestre

managed by c. gamboa

About us

The main objective is maintainment and care of about 1000 trees that have been planted yet in 2007 at the banks of rio Esmeralda in the small village of El Paují during a private organised one-weeks-event with 26 volunteers from all over the world. At a long-term we will enlarge the plantation up to a number of 3000 forestal trees. Our vision is to create a park for environmental education referring to the function and importance of water.
Through art and voluntary work we want to confront the situation of deforestation (because of mining and slash-and-burn) that has been converted into a big problem in this fragile zone.
The concept of the Intraterrestres was born in 2001 on the idea of the venezuelean artist Cynthia Gamboa inhabitant of El Paují for more than 20 years. She transformed roots into works of art, named them intraterrestres and gave them a usefull function: through buying an Intraterrestre the buyer adopts a tree that is planted in the region of reforestation, at the banks of rio Esmeralda in El Paují. The Intraterrestres have a message that is: sow, that´s the only way to live!
So we use art in combination with volunteering to propagate the aim of our organisation.


Encanto del Águila
El Paují, Gran Sabana

c. gamboa

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