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Comunidade Rural Casa do Caminho

managed by B. Bijen

About us

Casa do Caminho is posting on to attract volunteers and resources.

Mission: To shelter and protect children and adolescents coming from all different family backgrounds and vulnerable situations. To give priority to children's education and improving their employment potential. To help children prepare for re-integration into a family situation.
To develop projects related to education, health, sports, culture and leisure pursuits.

Our three houses:
A Sede: (The main building for children of 4 – 11 years) situated at the outskirts of the tingua Biological reserve.
Casa CAM (girls house, 12-18 years) and Casa Heppenheim (boys house 12 – 18 years) situated in Xerem

The services we offer:
The strengthening of the family ties is encouraged to help with family reintegration, through weekly visits to the shelter from the parents, or visits from our children / teenagers to their families or alternative places, whenever possible.

Healthcare support
Casa do Caminho keeps a medical record of every child and teenager. The residents are regularly taken to the doctors for checkups and when necessary to a specialist like a dentist, psychologist, speech therapists etc. Casa do Caminho has a small medical room in the rural Headquarters.

Social Education
All of our children are guided by social mothers, fathers and international volunteers in relation to their studies, leisure, hygiene, looking after their concerns, scheduled activities for their age group and other programs.

Formal Education
Public education in Brazil in general is poor as underlined by the Brazilian President Lula.
Casa do Caminho provides a complementary after school program and places teenagers in vocational courses.

Sports, Culture and recreation
Casa do Caminho has a sports and community center, which will be ready September 2008. In the centre, the children and people of the community will practice sports, cultural & social activities.


rua rio areia 28
Duque de Caxias

B. Bijen

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