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About us

Five university students, who previously had been trained at Education and Development Programs, came together with a concern for poor children and youths in Cambodia: Mr. Sun Salim, Mr. Sun Saveth, Mr. Yoth Yan, Mr. Sam Voha and Mr. Toeng Channa.

Those five students had conducted a survey related to the situation of the children and youths in Battambang, Cambodia. They contacted school directors, teachers, village leaders and commune leaders. The survey had indicated that many children and youths lack of opportunity to receive moral education. In the absence of this youths showed little responsibility for their actions, poor communication skills and bad attitudes to their own responsibility to the society.

In response to these needs, KNGO staff provide a free education program with a curriculum of several workshops, such as: English literacy education, computer skills, moral education, primary health education, environmental education and vocational skill training.
By contributing their own money for workshop materials and other expenses, children and youths currently run their workshops in Bospo Primary school in Bospo village, Odambang I commune, Sangker district, Battambang Province, Cambodia. Fortunately the local school director allowed them to use this school, because currently there are no office or own education rooms.

KNGO registered as an official organization with the Ministry of Interior in January 29, 2008. KNGO is also working with the Department of non-formal education in Battambang.

KNGO has grown organizationally from a staff of 5 to a staff of 9 persons, transitioned from an advisory board to a governing board of directors, and developed a constitution and by-law, staff and financial policy.


#379, Gr 25, Bospo Village, Odambang I Commun

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