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Solidaridad is inspired by the vision that sustainable production in agriculture and industry, combined with Fair Trade in the products of these activities, can make a significant contribution to combating poverty and preserving the natural environment, in the context of a globalizing economy. Creating a ‘living wage and humane working conditions for people in developing countries provides the basis for a decent existence and the conditions for putting a stop to the wholesale theft of scarce natural resources. Solidaridad’s objective is to support producer organizations, civil society organizations and companies in developing countries that seek to structurally combat poverty and the destruction of the natural environment. The foundation seeks to achieve this aim through:
– Strengthening producer organizations and civil society organizations in developing countries that are working on the sustainable development of their economy.
– Involving companies, financial institutions and investors in developing supply chains with added value for producers, created through Fair Trade and corporate social responsibility.
– Creating a support base for sustainable economic development in society, and among citizens and consumers in particular, through providing information. This involves raising awareness and changing behaviour in order to create new economic, political and cultural relations in both developing and Western countries.


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