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managed by N. Vojnich

About us

Center For Real Life is a charity non-governmental (non-profitable) organization. We welcome all "People With Handicap" ("PWH") regardless of the diagnosis, gender, age, race, nationality, religion, as well as all their friends and citizens that are interested in volunteering.

The prime goal of our organization is to build a center in Subotica, Serbia (a city on the borders to Hungary, EU) that will gather people with handicap and all others who want to help. From there we would manage all our operations etc.!

One of our goals is to start a new profession in Serbia (and Balkans). It's Personnel Assistance. Personnel Assistants are supposed to help PWH in casual life 8 hours a day. Their salary depends on the average living standards of the country.

We are also trying to find employment for PWH.

We intend to buy an adequate transportation for PWH because it is neccessary for us. We need transport from door to door for PWH.
*In most parts of Serbia and Balkans it is almost impossible for PWH to go anywhere because of the bad public transportation possibilities. Even the pedestrian zone is not quite suitable for the same.

We also want to build as much ramps and toilets suitable for PWH as possible in public institutions.
*For Europeans and Americans that may be very crazy and sad at the same time that our country/ies still don't have living conditions for PWH at all. And there are many such people. People in special needs who are in need for help.

We welcome any kind of help so we could help People With Handicap have normal living conditions. We intend to enable the living conditions similar those in European Union.


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N. Vojnich

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