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Zero Emission Project

managed by L. Polidori

About us

Zero Emission Project's goal is to make renewable energy resources penetrate as much as possible in the UK energy mix.

The current project is Zero Emission Emission Workspace.

Zero Emission Emission Workspace is a commercial showcase project whose goal is to demonstrate that commercial buildings can be independent from the electricity and gas utilities by using different combined technologies: Passive House standard, on-site micro-generation from renewable resources and an energy storage system.

Zero Emission Workspace will be a 3 storey commercial building, formed by 6 offices and a conference room. The actual location for the development is still to be identified.

It will be designed and developed according to the Passive House standard in order to reduce to minimum the heating and cooling consumption. The design will include a ventilation system with heat recovery, super insulation and air tightness envelop technology.

It will be powered entirely by an on-site electricity micro-generation system, which will be a mix of wind turbines and solar panels.

Thermal solar panels will be used to produce hot water.

A rain harvesting system will be installed to fulfil (totally or partially) the on-site water requirement.

In the car park, an electric car filling station will be installed. The station will provide 6 battery chargers for 6 electric vehicles and it will be powered by the on-site generation system.

Whenever the electricity produced by the generation system is more than the energy demand of the building, part of the surplus will be stored using an electricity storage technology still to be identified (some options are described in a previous article). The other part will be sold to the electric grid.

The offices will be put on the market for rent. The conference room will be hired for internal or external events.


Oak Hill

L. Polidori

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