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Chitsanza Development Association (CHIDA)

managed by diana S.

About us

Chitsanza Development Association is a community based organization situated in the rural district of Nyanga, in the eastern highlands of Manicaland. The community based organization is membership based with a total of 5600 women, men and youth members. The organization established in 2008 under the goal of fighting poverty and oppression to the marginalized women of Chitsanza has gone a long way in transforming the oppressive and traditional laws and cultural beliefs that have fueled abuse and deprived women the right to equality with their male counterparts. The community of Chitsanza has in the past years received awareness building campaigns on issues like access and control of resources, gender based violence, leadership training skills, courses to markets, educating women on their rights to participate in governance positions to improve their livelihood and social status.
The women in Chitsanza do most of the hard work; they face the challenge of oppression and poverty.



diana S.

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