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CNA is started with an aim of reaching out to the unreachable and giving an african child a smile.

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  m. johnbosco  31 May 2010 at 02:50 PM
The aim for the project of malaria kits and HiV kits is to atleast have a beginning of Health care provision to the children in the needy families.We wish to continue with this routine counselling and testing for HIV and it progresses to AIDs with out thier knowledge,If they knew they would prevent this by beginning on medication earlier. On top of that,people have a stigma about HIV.They fear to Test for HIV.Our main aim is to walk along with traned medical personels to give counciling and then we test for HIV. we believe we can stop AIDs through these steps.Because first of all if a parent knows her status,she can be able to report to the hospital and be given proper care so as not to infect the fetus(PREVENTION MOTHER TO CHILD TRANSIMISSION). We are determined to continue with this program.We kindly request for whoever is willing to support us to please donate towards our program of outreach to the community.
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