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streetfootballworld 3

managed by D. Roesiger

About us

Every day, millions of young people around the world wake up to an uncertain future. streetfootballworld believes in the unique power of football to change lives and bring us together behind a common goal. Our mission is to strengthen our worldwide network of local organisations that use football to help young people overcome challenges like poverty, disease and lack of education.

At the heart of everything we do is the streetfootballworld network – over 80 community-based organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide which use football to tackle is-sues ranging from HIV/AIDS education and gender equality to homelessness, gang vio-lence and landmines. We support them through capacity development programmes and by providing access to funding, creating opportunities for sharing expertise and developing new partnerships.


Waldenserstraße 2-4, Entrance E, 3rd Floor

D. Roesiger

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