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About us

NARKO-NE is a Non-governmental organisation for prevention of addiction. This Sarajevo- based organisation has projects all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The primary target group is children and young people at risk, the groups that are socially excluded from the main stream society and poverty stricken family backgrounds. NARKO-NE projects involve humanities students who lack practical training and placements at their university and suffer from Bosnian educational system that is very theory-orientated.
The projects include children and young people who due to lack of things to do in their community are prone to developing addictive behaviour and becoming involved in various anti-social activities.
Many young people involved in our projects, often stay on and get involved in other NARKO-NE projects which shows a lot of mutual trust and feelings of safety on their behalf.
The projects are as follows: Intercity Theatre Project, Older Brother,Older Sister, Educating Mentors for work with groups of volunteers (it includes 4 pilot projects: Creative workshops for street children in Sarajevo, Homework and study workshops in a remote town of Vareš, Life-skills training for young woman in an Islamic boarding school and From play to friendship workshops in mountainous village near Vareš), Preventeen- a teenage magazine.
All these projects give children and young people to learn valuable life skills, to socialise and play, which is something that some children in Bosnia lack very much.


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