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AID KenyaFoundation

managed by A. ONGERA, Jnr.

About us

AID Kenya Foundation is a Kenyan nonprofit organization focusing its feel-good programs to orphaned & vulnerable children, teenage mothers, women and youth at risk and the disadvantaged populations.

The Foundation seeks to collaborate and partner with private individuals, corporations, foundations, grass-root organizations, Kenyan Diaspora, Diplomatic missions, Government Ministries and agencies, and international development agencies to achieve our stated mission in the following program areas:
1.Wanalea Children’s Home:An orphanage offering basic care-shelter,health care,education,food,and social support- for orphaned and vulnerable children from Nairobi slums.Currently, it has 25 children, aged 4-14 years,in residence,21 of them girls.
2.Kitutu Children Center (KCC):A day care Center catering for abandoned children and children from teen moms in rural Kenya;
3.The Development Assistance Program (DAP):A Program aimed at empowering teen moms, poor women and youths on skills training, and enabling them initiate SMEs;
4.The Emergency AID Program: A program aimed at addressing urgent aid required or requested by or for the OVC, teen moms, pregnant mothers, IDPs, and disadvantaged populations in the form of school fees, medical costs, sanitary pads, food, and shelter;
5.The Experiential Learning & Cultural Exchange Program:A Program of hosting local and international volunteers to be posted on various projects and at the community level to enhancing cultural understanding and fostering peace;
6.Community Medical Camps:Organizing regular medical camps for rural populations to access medical care;
7.The Water and Sanitation Project:Enabling rural communities access clean drinking water, and build toilets for the communities;
8.The Green Kenya Project:A program of encouraging in -and-out school children and students, the community, and corporations, to conserve the environment by planting trees, protecting wetlands, and creating awareness on climate change.


Vision Plaza, Mombasa Road, Nairobi


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