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Masese Orphanage and Widows Project- Uganda

managed by o. eric

About us

Ugandan children (0-11) make up 47% of the population and are currently expected to grow up in a nation where 71.3% of the population (age 15+) cannot read or write. Socio cultural obstacles have been serving and still serve as barriers in the educational field, especially to females and male in rural areas. While 42.9% of the male population is literate, only 15.1% of the female population is so. Furthermore, school life expectancy (primary to tertiary education) is about 4 years: 5 years for males and only 3 years for females based on 2008 data. To help an existing national effort to balance the ratio between males and females attending school, 100 children with an emphasis on girls will participate in a nine-week program to be held in the community of Masese. Working together with local leaders of Masese village we will meet with these 100 children on a daily basis to assist them in discovering a fun way of learning while becoming members of the Masese network, children will be empowered and motivated to make a difference by continuing their education. ,by use of computers which we are lucking to put in place, and the fun activities led by our team will enable children to have fun while learning on their high-tech tool both in school and at home.


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