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Zenaga Foundation gGmbH

managed by K. Zimmermann

About us

Our vision:
We create clean energy, an intact environment and an improved quality of life so that all people can live where they were born.

To achieve this vision, we work in the following thematic areas: Health care, women's empowerment, social issues, education, income, infrastructure, applied knowledge and national - international dialogue.

We show how technical changes can create an economic advantage and thus protect the climate. In Germany the focus is on communication and in partner - countries like Senegal on project work.

Thematic areas:
+ Environmental and climate protection
+ education
+ sustainable development

- Supporting the economy through CSR - Consultancy
- Lectures and events
- Student conferences
- Public relations
- Participation in events such as the UN Climate Change Conference

- Reforestation
- Replacement of fossil energies
- education
- nutrition
- Health projects
- water

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Wir haben 429,00 € Spendengelder erhalten

  K. Zimmermann  04 March 2021 at 02:05 PM

Wir nuten die Spenden zur Umsetzung von Aktionen und Projekten wie dem Ersatz von Pretoleumlampen durch Solarlampen in unseren Projekten zur Umwelt- und Klimabildung in Schulen in Nigeria.

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