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Is a primary school located in a remote village

managed by J. primary school

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Is a primary school located in the remore village along Mityana Road. It is mnaged by the community members who are interestedt in raising the literacy level within the village (community) with focus to development. The school has board of governers and head teacher as a secretary to the board. However of recent years we have been experiencibng alot of problems especially with water scarcity around the school. dilapited school infastructures, teachers quarters are in sorry state. So scchool children have to move long distances to fetch water and even the water is very dirty (contaminated). Thismakes school children to fall sick so often from diseases like dysentry, diarhea, cholera etc and poor saniationa nd poor hygyien of school schildren We would like this only school within these copmmunities to act as model within the village and cause developement among the villages. The school children and the communities around teh school should be able to access claean and safe water for their daily living consumption and use. The Board of management plan to drills bore haole at the school which will be used by the school and the communty around. Even water harvesting will act as very fast means of harnessingt nd keeping water for school use


Mityana road

J. primary school

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