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Agali Awamu Youth Developement Trust

managed by N. Simon

About us

Agali Awamu Deevelopement Trust is a youth develpement trust formed by responsible youth with drive to rescue youths from HIV/AIDS Scourge, Drugs abuse among the community which is very rampant. The project is located in the rural setting with many youths who are energetic and involved in many activities. Prostitution is on increase, school drop out is high, motor cycle riders are very mad with young girls. So it is envisaged that when this project in implemented a number of youths will be empowered with knowledge and skills on hw to prevent contractring aids/hiv, they will be encouraged to go back to school, drug abuse will be reduced. Psychosocial coucelling will be offered to reduce on stigmatisation of the victims.

Latest project news

orphans Sponsorship.

  N. Simon  23 January 2014 at 02:35 PM

The Director of Agali Awamu  organization  seeks  for support for our supported orphans
who have been  getting help locally by welshers in the area have graduated to from  Nursery
Grade to now join Primary one .The orphans are 11  in number.
Each orphans need 50 Euros for school fees and scholastic materials, shoes and school Uniform and lunch.
These orphans were adopted 3 years ago  after their parents dying due to HIV/AIDS.

We ask any welsher to help in sponsoring these orphans to enable them continue  their
Simon Nabeeta,

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Butambala-Gombe Road

N. Simon

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