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Rwenzori Foundation for Community Development-Ugda

managed by M. Baluku

About us

Rwenzori Foundation for Community Development Uganda (RFCD-U) is a Non Governmental and not-for-profit Community Based Organization established in May 2016. It was formed with the aim of addressing the vulnerability of Women, Girls and vulnerable children.

RFCD-U believes in Partnership, Respect for all, love, equality, transparency Accountability, Volunteerism and Women Participation as valued principles of change and holistic development.

RFCD-U mobilises communities to prevent Violence Against Women and Girls. RFCD-U’s major goal is to reduce the social acceptance and tolerance of Violence Against Women and gender inequality in our catchment area and Uganda.

RFCD-U envisions a society that views women rights as an important aspect in development and treats women and girls as a valuable resource thus integrating the core values of Rights, Respect and Responsibility in our work


Plot 10 Kaisiga Road, Central Division - Kasese Municipality
Kasese Municipality

M. Baluku

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