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managed by W. Tom

About us

John Leonard Development associaton is a christian organisation that was started by the efforts of Mr.Tom Wankwasi a resident of Mpigi Town council, found in Mpigi district of Uganda after realising the increasing number of orpharns and vulnerable chidren in the area. He mobilised other community members to start this association so as to benefit the community members. VISION: To reduse the level of illiteracy in our community. MISSION: We forcus on improving the social and economic wellbeing of our people through empowerment. GOAL: Our goal is to have a community that can sustain its welfare both socially, Politically and economically. AIMS AND OJECTIVES: - To provide education to the community through educating the orphans and vulnerable and other children of the community.
- to sensetize the community about gender main streaming so as to have equality in our community.
- To carry out health sensetization to the community more especially for issues of HIV/AIDS.
- To advocate for rigths of OVC's, widows and other vulnereble women.
- To encourage and sensetize the community about environmental protection issues.
- To lias with the government and other NGO's in the implementation of Poverty Alleviation Programmes.
Boardof Directors - Executive Commitee - Other Working Committees - Secretariate.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: They are Mr. Tom Wankwasi and Ms. Imelda Kibirige

Chairman:Mr.Robert Kabuuka
Vice chairperson:Claire Bukirwa
Secretary: Mr.Jimmy Mayanja
Treasurer:Ms. Ruth Nanfuka

1) Mr.David Mutyaba
2) Ms. Karen Arscott
3) Mr.John Hunington Kaggwa
4) Mr. Wilson Wabalanda

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New Developments

  W. Tom  01 June 2010 at 05:04 PM

Dear Peaple of good will,

Warm greetings to you from John Leonard Development Association. I wish to thank whoever has taken time to read about this project. Since i registered the project on the Betterplace i have juct had one advocate for the project. However, the project has not received any funding. It is at this time that i call upon all people of good will to come out and help this projeect. The people within the community around this project have come campaign for the project and we hope it will recieve support in the near future. We expect visitors in the near fiture from England who will come to see whatever happens at the project. We think this will be an oportune time for the project because they will gwt firsthand information. We will be grateful if every one come out to help. Kind regards to every on who will have passion for the project.

Yours faithfully,

Wankawsi Tom

Coordinator of project.

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