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Iko Poran

managed by Connie B.

About us

Iko Poran is a civil association of private right, non-profit purposes, independent of any political party or religious link, based on the principles of democracy, peace, citizen’s rights, human rights, and non-discrimination against beliefs, race, color or gender.

Iko Poran Association has as it purpose the fight against many forms of social exclusion, organizing the national and international volunteers, from the most various areas, especially from the areas of ecology, education, health, artistic, cultural, scientific, promoting directly or indirectly the social assistance to infancy and teens, and to the population on social exclusion phases, caring for the rescue of their citizenship and social reintegration.

Iko Poran operates in partnership with many Brazilian NGOs and formats programs to allow them to better serve their communities.

The programs provide training for volunteers and communities, generate income and employment, and do so in an open ethical manner through sharing significant revenues with our partner organizations.

The exchange of experiences is one of the main objectives of the programs viewing to strengthen the cultural agreement and the opening of new horizons to the beneficiaries.


Rua do Oriente 280/201
Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

Connie B.

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