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Wekeza Child Generation (WCG)

managed by E. David

About us

Wekeza Child Generation(WCG) is legally Non Governmental Organization with registration number 0009401, Established in 2012, by Mr. Elisha David, who raised from poor families, engaged in child labor activities such cattle keeping, and farming which he used to support his families.In 2012, Elisha started to engaged fellow students and colleagues to start up a small charitable groups which used to support vulnerable students at Orphanage center. He was able to introduced Kids Reaching Ministry, which has already supported more than 1000 children in Mwanza region, Tanzania, and letter led to form and registered Wekeza Child Generation, which focuses in Investing in Children life: The Organization Vision “A community where every child has a right to live with dignity and free from all forms of violence”, Mission To Building the generation which has unity, capacity, integrity, patriotism through observing human rights, objectives,To increase support on quality and inclusive education


Nyakato- Temeke Street, Mwanza, Tanzania, P O Box 6245, Mwanza , Tanzania

E. David

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