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ghetto development centre

managed by t. johansson

About us

Ghetto development centre was founded to create a tool for change in kibera, and to create a tool for residents of Kibera to work on this change themselves. The vision was to create local media in Kibera, and a start was done with Kibera journal, a monthly newspaper released the first time in May 2007. The journalist who creates Kibera journal was picked in a writing competition for anybody living in Kibera who loves to write and wanted to serve their community by doing so. They have no formal education and learn by doing. Media was chosen because it is a multipurpose tool and gives real power, besides being important as a tool for fighting corruption. We hope to be able to develop further by the help of donations and start a local radio and tv station. We also hope to have a bigger space with many offices to work closer with other organizations in Kibera, and as a part of this we hope to have a nice restaurant that serves many different kinds of foods and has a stage to show artists from the slums perform. We hope to end up with a cultural information and media centre in Kibera to nourish, educate and develop hidden talents that otherwise are left do die silently and forgotten.


innherredsveien 147
7044 Trondheim

t. johansson

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