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Hope After Sexual Abuse

managed by P. Kisakye

About us

This organisation was started in 2009 by Ugandan youth who have had simiral experiences to extend support and ssistance to young girls and boys who have been sexualy abused but spear headed by Peace Kisakye the founding member.The main aim of this organisation is to give physical andspiritual support to the young girls and boys who have been abused and bring hope that after all that life still goes on.The mission of this organisation is to extend both legal and social support to younger girls and boys who have been abused sexualy. The vision is to see to it that the young boys and girls who have been abused are protected by the law and are given social and legal support in order to regain from the tragade.This organisation will involvetaking legal action on those who have commited the crime, parent care and guidance for the victims to recover from the experience and also spiritual formation and formulation.When this organisation is supported we hope that over 2000 young girls and boys of whom have arleady been identified will benefit from it.

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  P. Kisakye  13 December 2010 at 09:02 AM

Dear friends we are kindly requesting you to support this project such that young children who have been abused are supported and their lives improved.uganda is one of the countries where child abuse is on the rise time after time because the laws are in place but are not put into use for resitance there is alot of child sacfrifise which ahs put these children's lives into danger.We have started a child sexual abuse awareness campaign which will help senstise communities on the dangers of child abuse.We are kindly requesting you to support this project such that these young children are protected.

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P. Kisakye

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