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About us

Founded in 2007, CapoeirArab is dedicated to capoeira as a means of social development for children and youths. Our aim is to promote diversity and understanding of new cultures through capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form that involves acrobatics, music, ritualized fighting and dance.

We have shown that capoeira can create a safe space for self-expression, help reintegrate marginalized groups into society, increase self-confidence, trust and respect for oneself and others.

Through sport, recreation and play, children and youths learn to exercise judgment and think critically while finding solutions to problems. Since its inception, CapoeirArab has tailored more than 30 projects to meet the needs of vulnerable and underserved communities, training over 6000 children and youths..

Capoeira is a way of expressing our love for life, one that is characterized by spirituality, playfulness, risk, fun, challenge, failure and success.

CapoeirArab is the branch for social and cultural engagement of the Companhia Pernas Pro Ar (CPPA) Capoeira School and an official member of the Syrian Sport Federation since 2009. It is the first and only registered Capoeira School in Syria.


Shariah Baghdad, P.O. Box 34512
Syrian Arab Republic

I. Heinrich

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