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At ROCK YOUR LIFE! we have been successfully working with children from underprivileged families since 2008. Helping kids to obtain proper education, finishing school and finding their first job is a major factor in tackling social inequality. We empower kids to find out who they really are and to unfold their true potential. We help them understand what self-efficacy really means and how they can take responsibility for their lives. To this end we establish 1-on-1 mentoring relationships between university students (mentors) and teenagers struggling to make their way (mentees).

Our local chapters in over 52 German, Dutch, Spanish and Swiss cities have already supported more than 8.500 children. More than 11.000 volunteers have contributed to ROCK YOUR LIFE!, making it one of Europe's largest mentoring networks. Our impact has been scientifically proved by the renowned German ifo Institute, which proved that ROCK YOUR LIFE! greatly helps its participants to unleash their potential.

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Wir haben 690,78 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Y. Schumacher  21 April 2021 at 06:10 PM

Die Spendengelder werden primär für ein Sommerfest in diesem Jahr eingesetzt, dass hoffentlich mit der kompletten Kohorte stattfinden wird. Zusätzlich zu der Veranstaltung würden wir den erfolgreichen Paaren gerne noch ein kleines Abschiedsgeschenk in Form von einem T-Shirt oder Pullover zukommen lassen.

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