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Centre Evangelique de Conseil& d'Orientation Zorob

managed by P. THERA

About us

CECOZ is a Malian Relief Association. It vision is: “To contribute to man reconciliation with God and man with self”. So it gives itself the mission “To ignite a greater presence of Christianity in Mali”

We focus on the following intervention areas:

 Evangelism
 Education (non-formal, elementary, vocational training)
 Health (hepatitis, malaria, blood pressure and hygiene)
 Children sponsorship
 Sustainable development (agriculture, sanitary and water, environment)
 Income Generating Activities

Latest project news

Land development over

  P. THERA  02 May 2010 at 11:17 PM

Since February 1st, though a contract we signed with The Malian Arm Forces, we began developping the land of 10 ha but the finish the given time but did only, 4,5 ha. We went on the field and them sent a letter. It took tile to be replied but on April 29 th, the bulldozer went back on the field and did the remain of the work. Now we have all the land available and will some began building irrigation system.

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