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WEL - Women's Education for Liberation

managed by M. Pick

About us

Women's Education for Liberation (WEL) is a Non-Governmental Organisation, registered society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 in the year 1987 and the Ministry of Home Affairs, India by committed women social workers with various field experience and commitment towards the community in which we live. The organisation is mainly framed for educational, women development and economic development of the most deprived Dalits, who are neglected and shown less consideration.

Genre of the organisation:

Women’s Education for Liberation (WEL) is an Non-Governmental Organisation of women, for women, run by women.

Area of Focus:

* Women in Decision making
* Women & Sustainable Development
* Women’s Rights
* Women’s Health & Education
* Women & Political Participation
* Oppressed minority, voiceless, deprived people


- To empower women and the voiceless (disabled people, children and the minority neglected caste groups) through awareness education, trainings, providing guidance, and unify them to fight for women’s rights and child rights for their liberation.
- To bring about attitudinal change among them to have new hope, new light and new life.

WEL's target area is situated in Thiruvannamalai District in Tamil Nadu state, India. Illiteracy, ignorance, poverty, belief in superstition, over population, ill health, caste discrimination, violence against women, unemployment are the main problems. Dalit women are totally a deprived community by themselves suffers poverty, humiliation, violence and severe discrimination for ages not only on the basis of caste structure but also because of their gender.

Latest project news

Email from WEL-secretary Parimala Ruby: Usage of D

  M. Pick  15 August 2010 at 07:36 PM

Dear friends and donors,

Toaday I have received the below email from WEL-secretary Parimala Ruby expressing her thanks for your support!!


Dear Anika, Greetings from Ruby, Graga, Anitha and WEL team. We would like to inform you that the donation sent through betterplace was used for its purpose. The amount received was Rs.4250 out of which a sum of Rs.110 was deducted as bank charges. So the actual amount received was Rs.4140. This money was spent for providing lunch for the day care children together with the contribution of WEL. For 20 children, lunch was provided for 26 days in the month of July. Rs.10 for each child x 20 children x 26 days = Rs. 5200. On behalf of the children and WEL team we send our thanks for all the donors and your fruitful efforts that had united us together once again in service. Thanking you. With regards, Parimala Ruby. Parimala Ruby, Secretary-WEL, Women's Education for Liberation, 23/139.B, Karthikeyan road, Arni-632301. Thiruvannamalai District. Tamilnadu. INDIA. Email : Phone : (91)04173-227083

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23/139 – B, Karthikeyan Road; Thiruvannamalai District

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