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managed by J. Oginga

About us

Tacklegirl-child makes a long-term commitment to each girl on scholarship: as long as she attends classes and receives passing grades, we will continue to fund her education through the completion of secondary school. Currently, the majority of our students range in age from eight to sixteen years.
The scholarship covers monthly school fees, school uniforms, books, stationary, backpacks, transportation and other costs, if neede. It has been said that, “If you educate a boy, you educate just a boy. If you educate a girl, you educate an entire Nation.”
Naturally we hand food to the children if they are hungry. We pay the school fee if it is necessary. Though, the most powerful way that we can change something is through football. We use Soccer game to deal with the childrens’ issues and problems. This is how we can talk about HIV/AIDS, Drug, Peace/violence, Malaria, about respect and fairness. At the same time sport promotes social competences, organizational abilities, concentration, discipline and tolerance towards other children. Especially girls can learn to assert themselves and to actively integrate in society.
We sincerely ask you to support our soccer and education programme with a donation. Every child shall have the possibility to find its way out of Kisumu slums. We only have to help them a little bit. Thank you very much!



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