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Medical Development Foundaion

managed by a. al-duais

About us

Who we are:
Is the local civil society organization Yemeni non-profit in its work,
Was established in early 2003 by a statement issued by the Cabinet of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor No. 19

They deal with the health aspect through a number of activities and events, health and social development.
Are classified as the first health foundation interested in the health aspect jurist in Yemen.

Objectives of the Foundation:
- Raise awareness in the health of different groups in society.
- Work on the implementation of various health campaigns. - Work to establish courses, seminars and workshops in the scientific and social health.
- To work on activating the health rights of the Yemeni society especially the disadvantaged and the most poverty.
- Raise the sense of preventive in infectious diseases and negative influences.
- Work on the composition of teams of volunteering and health and humanitarian relief.
- Implementation and adoption studies, scientific research and social field and in the side of health.
- The adoption of public and social initiatives that relate to the work of the Foundation.
- Participation and cooperation with all relevant organizations and intergovernmental and non-governmental and international organizations to achieve the objectives of the Foundation.

Foundation in its activities aimed at social groups in need and the poorest, with special emphasis on children, youth and women.
The scientific aspect of working on the development of cadres in the health aspect to provide better service to the community.

Scope work of the Foundation
Republic of Yemen


therty St.

a. al-duais

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