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Sosolya Undugu Familie e. V.

managed by Heike F.

About us

Sosolya Undugu Familie e.V. is the German support organization of Sosolya Undugu Family Academy , an officially registered NGO in Uganda. It is located in a slum named Kabalagala in Uganda’s capital Kampala.

Many children there live without a family and in poverty. Since 1993, the academy has given them, shelter, food, access to school and the safety of a big family. 80 girls and boys are living there permanently, during school holidays the number increases up to 200.

The children are educated on traditional Ugandan instruments and dances This teaches them confidence in themselves and in their own potential and it makes them hope for a future that is self-determined and that will enhance society.

Our organization supports this wonderful project. We focus on securing everyday materials. Also we support planining and implementing visionary ventures.
You can find more information online ( and on facebook (Sosolya Undugu Familie e.V.).

Latest project news

Wir haben 68,25 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Frederike Z.  02 November 2023 at 03:43 PM

Liebe Freunde und Freundinnen der Sosolyas,
die Trinkwasserversorgung bei den Sosolyas hat sich durch die Wassertanks nachhaltig verbessert. Doch in Uganda bei dem feuchtwarmen Klima und bei sovielen Kindern geht schnell mal etwas kaputt. Die jetzigen Spendengelder werden daher für Reparaturen der Wasserversorgung eingesetzt.  Vielen Dank!!

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Heike F.

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