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Asociacion Civil sin Fines de Lucro "FairPlay"

managed by J. Adriaenssens

About us

FairPlay creates futures for poor people in Cusco that don't have the resources or knowledge to do this themselves. FairPlay selects and trains people and afterwards supports them so they can work in an independent job.
We do this within our own non profit organization where foreign people pay 1/3rd of the money for services (Spanish classes, homestay, volunteering) to the organization so that we are independent and use donations only for training and helping people.
2/3rd Of the money for services is directly payed to the people so they earn a fair income and regain a place in society, their selfesteem and can be examples to their own children and their neighborhood.


Pasaje Zavaleta C - 5, Wanchaq, Cusco

J. Adriaenssens

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