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Make Me Smile International

managed by N. Wagner von Make Me Smile Internationa

About us

Make Me Smile International is the fundraising-organization for Make Me Smile Kenya. We support our local partner organization, which implements child and youth welfare, health, gender equality and economic empowerment projects.

Mission: "We help You to help Yourselves for the benefit of the children. Because we believe in Your potential!"

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Latest project news

We received a payout of €24.37

  Hanno Senger  23 June 2021 at 02:59 PM

The dental health camp in 2019 has been held in three regions in Kisumu County: Orongo, Angola and Gita. If our supporters are willing to donate for free dental treatments, we would love to organize this project on an annual basis, for 2020 Covid spoilt our plans for we are already busy organizing the next camp in October 2021. Thereby we could ensure the well-being of every individual who is unable to receive dental services due to financial constraints and the cost of transport to the far located facilities offering dental services.

Successful dental camps and awareness workshops, BUT LACKING FUNDS

We saw so many smiling faces during the last dental camp and want to thank all our donors for their support. We really appreciate your decision to support this important project. Because nobody deserves aching teeth! Unfortunately, the project was not yet fully funded but we are more than grateful for the total of 3.546,00 € that could be raised throught his fundraiser. Please help us to raise the missing funds, following the new Project page on our website: so that also for the next dental camp in October 2021, these people get their right and access to medical care.

Almost 400 patients received free dental services

The camp had a great turn up, having been held for one whole day at each station. Orongo with 76, Angola with 112 and Gita with the number of 186 patients. The camp included a series of services being offered by Dr. Ojwando and his dental team from the Straight Smile Clinic in Kericho, Kenya, in partnership with Dr. Senger from Austria and Dr. Lill from Germany. The services included: dental extraction, minor surgical procedures, dental procedures, dental emergencies, diet counselling and dental cleaning and examination.

Dental Workshops in schools for dental hygiene education and distribution of tooth brushes and pastes for over 400 children – and the workshops are still happening

Dr. Senger and Dr. Lill held dental hygiene workshops in various schools in Kolwa East and are planning to continue with the same for their next visit in 2021. The workshops aim to prevent future dental health problems for the children, who will in turn share the information with their families and various individuals. During the workshops the children were taken through guidance on dental hygiene and also offered tooth paste and tooth brushes. This also worked as a platform for promoting the dental health camps next to the posters, social media and our radio shows.

Dental health issues affecting the overall livelihood of individuals 

Dental health on a higher percentage has affected the daily lives of people within several regions in Kisumu. This has gone further into affecting the livelihood and social relations. On our previous dental camp many beneficiaries opened up, that dental problems affect their lives in many ways. Most affected are work performance and the physical and psychological well-being. 

Please help us make our next camp planned for October 2021 a success. 
With a donation of two Euro you can provide one dental treatment. 

Asante Sana :)    

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